Sergent's New Zealand Stamp Errors & Varieties

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Have you ever looked at a stamp catalogue and seen an item that says "variation, missing red" and wondered what the variation actually looks like. The missing colour can have a very subtle difference or it could make a stamp look like something else completely. Very few error images are ever displayed and most times you don't know what you are actually looking for. Without a correct stamp for comparison, you may not pick the error as being one.

Bruce has changed this by producing this magnificent reference book of New Zealand stamp errors and varieties. Showing large hi-res images of all the major known errors, you now get to see them all in one place. With 220 pages of images covering over 100 years of stamps, this is a reference every collector should have.

It took Bruce over 40 years to build his collection of errors and to be able to share this collection with other enthusiastic collectors is something that is not often achieved. With the majority of the errors shown, coming from his own collection, there were only a few he had to add with the help of some other great collectors.

Bruce explains the different types of errors, from official releases through to printer's waste, and when you see them all, it will surely make it easier for a collector in their search for such items. This book will become an important part of philately in New Zealand and every serious stamp collector should have a copy. Even the average collector will find this of much interest and it could spark a new breed of collector looking for errors.

- Tony Ward

Sergent's New Zealand Stamps